ePub3 and HTML5 are Maximizing Publishing Revenue

The earlier phase of the eBook publishing was basically converting the book to .Mobi and ePub for Kindle or a iPad, not thinking so much of innovation or interactivity, customized rendering for a reflowable context, fixed layout or even hyperlinking.

But now after the arrival of ePub3 conversion using HTML5 has made the eBook Publishing into a different approach to the eBook industry. The standard phase as earlier, you take the text, graphics and then use some multimedia features, like Audio and Video clips to enhance your ePub conversion. Publishers take full advantage of rich features that are available in the current technology to add media and interactivity to their eBook content.

Why ePub3?

Users/readers do not want to experience the same context even reading in the device which is built with loads of features, they want to experience some interactivity and see or hear things. ePub3 is a format which is set to be the best in a content revolution in the ePublishing world. What the printed pages/books could not offer, such as embedded multimedia and scripted interactivity in ePub3, will forever change what eBook can be. ePub3 is set to become the new global standard and accessible standard for eBooks.

The biggest success I see in having the ePub books are one of the core file format that most devices are built to read and access, so the popularity of ePub conversion is limitless. In that way developing a ePub using HTML5 gives you the wide open door for making the best interactivity with limitless options.

ePub3 conversion is becoming even more popular as the iPad3 supports the ePub3 books and easy upload on iBookstore. The impact of ePub3 books continues to expand as the eReaders community is growing, as the eBook need is more.

The future is bright for eBook

Speaking of ePub3 books, we also feel that there is lot more to come from educational side, as now the universities and schools have started focusing on moving their curriculum in eFormats and eModules. So the ePublishing will be familiar to the generation growing and in the future, this is another example of the growth of the eReaders community. So the future for the ePublishing is open wide as to what not can be delivered using the HTML5 to build ePub3 format and KF8.


As a company we are in the market to solve customers problem and provide solution that is satisfactory with eBook conversion service, converting ePub and ePub3 using HTML5 for iPad and KF8. We as a team believe in being competent in this industry to offer this eBook publishing.