Conversion & Formatting Services

Conversion and a formatting of a book to a Kindle conversion or ePub conversion with industry’s best practice is more important. Over the year the team has grown stronger in understanding and learning of the industry standards.

ePub or ePub3 Conversion Services

ePub format has increased its popularity in the eBook service industry, there are no age limit for the end readers, as it serves with all the features that is required for Kids doing the homeschooling, going to high school, universities, people who work.

  • Index formatting with appropriate tagging and linking of TOC (Table of Contents).
  • Removal of original page number, headers/footers.
  • Complex data formatting for children’s books, 3 column formatting, magazines, journals, books etc.
  • Proofing of images and illustrations to ensure they are appropriately resized. Implementing Journals/Articles, bibliographic citations, links etc. into ebooks, and creating shortcuts/hyperlinks for the same.
  • embedding of audio and video files in ePub
  • Providing Audio, Video and Interactive features support and synchronization that includes HTML 5 Audio and Video tags.
  • Synchronizing Audio with the Text
  • Support to all international languages
  • ePub 3 book conversion provides support for MathML that ascertains formulas being displayed as content, instead of being displayed as images.
pdf/ePub Conversion Services

Interactive/Enhanced eBooks with HTML5 and CSS3

After the arrival of HTML5 the ePub3 conversion encompasses converting the existing eBooks or printed literature into interactive/enhanced eBook format with embedded audio and video along with texts and images increasing the interactivity of the books that is appealing and fully enhanced to the end readers. It is not only the ePub alone opens this enhancements, even the Kindle conversion and Nook allows the same interactivity for their devices as well. There are numerous vital consideration and technical challenges which are involved in converting and formatting eBooks for ePub3 or Kindle conversions. As it is different from existing ePub 2.01 or .Mobi eBooks. Our team has become expert in doing any type of complex files, we will consult with you and help you accomplish of what you need for your readers. Contact us if you need any specific questions to be answered.

Features and enhancements that come with HTML5 and CSS3 critical in developing interactive eBooks are as follows:

  • Integrating audio and video elements without use of flash or any plugin
  • Inclusion of added functionalities like Geolocation, Canvas, Finger Painting etc.
  • Use of Scalable Vector Graphics for enhanced clarity of images and other illustrations
  • Developing animated characters that add to the user experience of the reader
  • Development of buttons for added animation making the book more appealing and engaging
  • CSS3 for columns, text shadows, and animations, etc.
  • You get the advantage of animated and interactive eBooks which was earlier possible only with dedicated apps
  • Your animated HTML5 and CSS3 Children eBooks fare much better than apps that are developed for the same purpose in the Apple iBook Store
  • You save a lot on cost with development of HTML5 CSS3 Animated ePub files in comparison to development of apps
  • Leveraging the Geolocation function of HTML5, we provide you with interactive atlas, road maps, made-to-order travel/restaurant guides, geolocation-based games, viz., geocaching, scavenger hunt, etc.
  • Using MathML feature of HTML5 and CSS3, we can resize the equations like text, style it with CSS, interact with equations by using JavaScript
  • Taking advantage of CSS3, we can offer enhanced styling quotient for your content, comprising animations, text shadows, rounded corners, and transitions, etc.

All the functional benefits of HTML5 and CSS3 can only be utilized over eBooks that support ePub3 format. However, using the HTML5 and CSS3, we develop equally enticing animated and interactive Children eBooks service even for Kindle fire conversion and Nook devices.

Interactive eBook Conversion Services


Enhanced eBook Conversion Services

ePub Fixed layout Conversion Services

Fixed Layout ePub conversion service is perfect for cookbooks, travel guide, photography books, and all kinds of children books. The fixed layout format allows you to create books with precise layout, using CSS we create a ePub fixed layout format to closely match the actual layout of the source file.

In a fixed-layout eBook, the text does not reflow and can be zoomed in and panned around just like zooming an image. The text would also be searchable. A fixed layout ePub has a pixel specific page size that is used to precisely control the layout of the objects on the pages. One can embed fonts, choose particular text sizes, precisely position images on the page and can even create a two-page spread for pages where a single image spans both pages. The fixed layout ePub pages will always look the same across thus preserving the printed page layout.

ePub Fixed Layout Conversion Services

Nook Fixed layout Conversion Services

Creation of fixed layout format necessitates you to be responsive for specific details of each device. eBooks conversion with a Nook Fixed layout stands distinct from traditional reflowable text eBooks creation or conversion in the following ways:

  • Content is fixed in the reading application “page” in fixed layout format
  • Layout in fixed layout format is crucial to the reading experience; bringing the text in sync with the design
  • hen creating fixed Nook layout, the emphasis is largely on the production of eBooks that add semantic value to the content with rich typographic layout.

Nook Books are basically ePub books. The identical user features like the zoom and pan that are found in iBooks, are supported by Nook Tablet and apps. Specialized development and formatting are required for expert quality Nook Fixed Layout eBooks.

Nook Fixed Layout Conversion Services

Kindle Conversion Services

eBookHands can help you in creating a fixed layout Kindle conversion with landscape view. We will undertake complete kindle conversion, production and MobiPocket publishing work for you. We will deliver you with a skillfully laid out, neatly designed, Kindle compatible book irrespective of your source format. Any of your readers around the world can access your title instantly on Amazon’s Kindle eReader.

Having a decade of experience in formatting of books from a variety of genres, our process of amazon kindle conversion is meticulously laid out considering the complexity and delicacy of format in mind. We make your books look best on the device including hardcopy books, magazines, novels, and encyclopedias. We use our own processes for MobiPocket formatting, Our team has equipped to convert Kindle formats for all the available Kindle devices. Such as Kindle Fire conversion, KF8 conversion.

  • We also create other formats such as: PDB, ePDF, .Lit etc.
  • We also convert newspapers and magazines.
  • From Scanning till digitization.
Fixed Layout Kindle Conversion Services