About Us

eBookHands.com is a service initiative of the ITHands Inc, a US based Web Software Development company. Established in 2001, ITHands works towards designing, building, implementing, and maintaining customized technology solutions. Having served many industries by providing technology solutions, in 2007 eBook Conversion Service was started as another service domain to serve the publishing industry. We have been in the IT industry for over a decade with a strong technology team working to deliver 99.990% quality products to our customer. We understand exactly what your needs are, from both business as well as technology perspective and hence we ensure perfection and skill embedded in the crux of each deliverable.

Our dedicated and highly skilled team helps in creating winning impressions and meets the demands of the publishers and authors. We can transform any print content to diverse multiple platforms. eBookHands focuses on actualizing the unique and intricate details as required by the clients into a reality. We have designed our processes to achieve measurable performance at every stage, we analyze your contents and inventories considering the complexities and delicacy of format in mind, then lay out the most suitable digital conversion plan for each project.

We endeavour to help you take your business to greater heights through our services, please check eBook Conversion Service offerings and Web Software Development Needs. With extensive experience in eBook Publishing, Digital Content Conversion, Apps Development, Web Development, Software Development API Development and much more, our team is well-conversant with the technicalities. We keep ourselves updated with the latest developments in technology that ensures that we are on track from the very first step and deliver work that meets clients’ requirements precisely.